Cooking Classes in Colorado Springs

There are cooking classes to choose from Colorado Springs.
Tinta de Toro
Garden of the Gods Gourmet
The Picnic Basket
Chef's Catalog
The New and Seasoned Cook
Paragon Culinary School

I took the wine and cheese pairing class at the Picnic Basket. Instead of the typical class of the instructor telling what cheese pairs best with certain wines, they let us experiment. Then, as a class, we discussed our findings. The instructors said that what one person may think is a great pairing may be junk for someone else. I tried Cotswold, an pungent English cheese that is blended with onions and chives. It's considered a Pub cheese. The flavor is intense and pairs well with a Chardonnay. I thought it would pair well with a juicy steak tool.  I imagine grated the cheese on the steak or doing Au gratin potatoes. Added it to my favorite cheeses list. I would like to convince others to try it but they would need to get over the appearance and smell. Be adventuresome, I say.

The other class I took was at Chef's Catalog. It was on French cooking. I learned how to pick, clean, and debeard mussels. The instructor choose simple French recipes to do because alot of people are intimidated by French cooking. It is where I learned how to make the shallot vinaigrette. This summer, I'm making the mussels recipe. It has a garlic white wine sauce that is good for dipping warm crusty bread. In the class, we watched her cook. I took notes. The fun part is that we got to eat the food after (steamed mussels, mixed greens with shallot Dijon vinaigrette, steak with Bearnaise sauce, creme brulee). I used a hand held torch for the first time to do my own brulee. Need some practice. Kinda burned the sugar on top.

Hopefully, I will be able to take the 4-week beginning cooking class at Tinta de Toro starting in June. I want to learn proper knife skills. I have read about how to handle different knives. But, I'm a hands on learner. I need to practice on my own.

These classes are a start as I continue to look into getting a culinary arts certificate at the local community college starting next springs. It's fun to learn with other foodies.


  1. Thank you for this blog post - I have been trying to locate classes for my tween who wants to be a chef!

  2. I am also an avid foodie looking for cooking classes, clubs or other avenues to learn more about cooking and to eat of course. I looked at the list of cooking classes and they seem pretty expensive if you want to seriously expand your cooking knowledge. Do you know of any organizations to join, gourmet clubs, etc?